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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is it worth it to dye your hair?

I was never really interested in dying my hair, but I have always been curious what I would look like with another color. My hair is dirty blonde and I don

Do you think that I am ugly or pretty?

Im 12 years old with brown-ish black hair. I have brown eyes and really tan. I

My hair......Read Detail!?

Okay so i straighten my hair sometimes and its naturally curly but now two like

Does mascara hurt you eyelashes?

Do u mean harm as in damage them? Yes, mascara can

LOOKBOOK Invite?! Please!?

I really would like to be on Lookbook, but I am from small town America. No clue how to find anyone on LookBook so I thought I would ask here. Please and Thank you.

Ok I will send you my first invitation code!
just post a comment on her page, she likes inviting peope! :)
i dont have one but heard it is cool, have funn

How did you like Tresseme?

What was your expirience with Tresseme shampoo

How do i tell what bra size my 12 year old sister is?

my little sister needs help finding a bra she is 12

years old so any suggestions?

please no rude comments..

btw: she is in between the third and fourth stage..

This link will probably be very helpful. You can

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