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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can anyone plz help with my hair?

Ok so my hair is medium length (i consider it that because its passed my shoulders like more than an inch) and i need some instructions on how to do a bun.. no videos, instructions. You see i ALWAYS put my hair in a messy bun but since it is layered i have to bobby pin a lot of hair down. But i would plz like some tips or something so this doesnt happen? Thankss
Ok so I can totally help you since i have the same hair cut!

1. Get your hair in a ponytail position

2. Put your hair in a ponytail

3. Start to wrap your hair in the position of a bun

4. The take another ponytail and tie that!

This may sound confusing but I hope it works for you like it has to me!
To properly answer a picture of your hair would be needed
put it up in a pony tail and then hold it by using a really thick scrunchy (sp?).

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