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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have you ever used axe body wash on hair or face?

No, but I do sometimes use body wash on my face, ears, and neck. It's not good as using normal facial cleansers (in fact it's a bit bad as body wash is meant for your body and may be too rough on your face). Regardless, sometimes if I'm lazy, in a rush in the morning where I don't have time to wash and cleanse my face, or am feeling really dirty (my body wash is antibacterial), I just get it done in the shower with body wash, better than having a smelly, greasy face, :p

But don't use body wash for your hair, only use hair products such as shampoo. Your hair isn't the same as your skin and should be treated differently, ordinary soap or detergent can really mess your hair up!


Because I don't think it is suitable for your hair and especially not your face, it might sting your eyes!

Hope this helps!


How much does it cost to get an Emo hairstyle (girls)`?

i want to get an emo hairstyle but im not sure where to get one or how much it costs

The same as getting some other hair style. It really depends on the cut though and the styling that will need to be done

It just depends on where you get it cut. I used to have that hair, and I got it for under 50$ before. Just go to a salon (NOT Great Clips or whatever) and make an appointment, then show the stylist a picture of what you want. If you're getting it dyed, it will cost more than if you just get it cut. It might also be good to have the stylist explain to you how to style your hair in the way that you want.

All you need is to have your bangs cut. It shouldn't cost more than fifteen bucks.

The stylist you go to will know what you're talking about when you ask for it.

0 dollars--just stop washing your hair. Voila--crappy scene hair!

have a friend cut it, learn how to cut it yourself, thsoe are free,always dye your own hair.

everyone starts off with shitty hair though so it will improve

It costs as much as a normal hair cut - what ever salon you go to is the regular price I'm sure ...

it's just a style

I bleached my hair... Is it mushy?

Hi! I bleached my hair (3 times... I know, I know), and I'm a little freaked out by the things I've read about hair turning mushy and breaking. I bleached it about 3 days ago, and have really had no problems, besides it being a little dry (no breakage, no hair falling out). I took a shower, and I don't know if what I felt was "mushy" or not... hopefully I'm just freaking myself out. I went to Sally's and bought some ion "intensive therapy Protein Fortifier and Moisturizer" and used it today. Hopefully it helps?

Can anyone tell me what "mushy" feels like, and if you think I have it based on my description of my situation? I bleached it 3 days ago, and nothing has fallen out so far.

if you have had it for three days and nothing has fallen out then your ok i think.

mushy is that feeling, like if you have ever used that spray on stuff to get rid of hair on your legs, and after you rinse it off, the hair feels like.. gummy? or kinda like a rubber band.. haha im not sure how to explain it, but its just a gummy sort of feeling.

keep using that moisturizer and be sure not to re-dye your hair for like 6 weeks, only touch up the roots.


Overproccesed hair being mushy is kind of hard to explain...It's just mushy...But if your hair feels slimey, Then that means, You have overprocessed your hair. Hair dosen't fall out, It breaks off.

Whats the best leave-in-conditioner?

I love Garnier Fructis products! but wasnt sure if their leave in condtioner is good? Does anyone know if its good or does anyone know a better one?

I just used it yesterday and YES! It works pretty good.... At Walgreens they have a rebate buy $20 worth of GARNIER products and get $10 back by mail. It's easy to do online!

Good luck

Ok this depends on what you want your hair to do. Striaght? Wavy? Shine? Curls? De-Frizz? Volume? Moisture?

Striaght - FX Special Effects Flat Iron Spray (I know that it is a spray, but it works)

Wavy - Sunsilk Waves Of Envy

Shine - Aussie Sun Touched Shine

Curls - Herble Essences Totaly Twisted

De-Frizz - John Frieda Frizz Ease

Volume - TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave in Conditioner

Moisture - Loreal Paris Vive Pro Hydration

Hope i helped!

I use FastFoodCon and it works fabulous. I've also tried Redken's Anti-Snap. Both have left my hair smooth, healthy, and easy to manage.

How do i trim my bangS?

so ik this would be simple but the person who cut my hair gave me layers so like my bangs lead into the top layers of my hair... and i cant really differentiate between my bangs and my not bangs. and he layered the bangs too. so i just want to cut it like at an angle, but ive heard tht ur supposed to cut it dry and my bangs like have a wave and.. its complicated and my hands r shaky and stuff... so pls tell me how and tips and stuff. thnx


When i go to the shop

They cut them wet..All the time

not dry cuz its more likey to come out uneven when its dry

&&when i cut my own bangs

I just do an upside down u

Is dying your hair bad?

I really want to dye my hair a more blondish color. I am already a natural blond, but my hair is starting to turn more brown than blonde. My parents will let me, so I was wondering if it harmed you in any way. Does it?

well, it can damage your hair a little with the chemicals, but if you use the right shampoo and conditioner and take well care of your hair, you should be fine. if you don't want damage, the professional road is the way to go.

hair dye doesnt really harm you in any way. unless you have any allergies id check the box first. really the only problem with hair dye is if you dye it like every week it can damage your hair a lot. if you only plan on dying it once then letting it go until it grow some before you re-dye it you should be fine.

as long as you take care of it it'll be fine. If you really want to dye it then go ahead it won't kill you, I once knew this girl who wanted layers in her hair but never got them bc she was so afraid it would ruin her hair and i know a buch of ppl who have layered hair including me and it's not ruined, same with you, i bet you know a lot of ppl who have dyed their hair and it's not ruined.


well scientifically i have not heard that dying your hair damages it. however there have been many cases that people loose their hair because of too much dying. i think that one will not harm you.

no not really... i mean it isnt amazing for your hair, but it really doesnt do anything. now, if you are constantly dying your hair, then you will have some problems

It doesn't harm you but it makes your hair really dry.

it kills the roots faster and drys your hair out but if it look good go for it lol

yes, my friend died her hari 4 times and died because it went in her skull/brain,

its kinda bad for your scalp and makes your hair drier

nope i dye my hair red once every 2 months


Which is better pantene restorative hair lotion or herbal essences long term relationship split end protector?

and why? if youve only tried one did you like it?

I use Herbal Essences Long term Relationship. I like it and it makes my hair feel more alive than others :D like more flowy

I tried the herbal essences, and though I didn't really like the smell, it does work very well. I'd definitely recommend it. It absorbs well too so you don't look like you have greasy hair.

Pantene all the way, all those oils and minerals are not for nothing. It always leaves my hair soft and shiny with a great smell, I always feel that Herbal essences dries it out for some reason.

Can anyone list some vitamins and what it does for hair? (10points)?

Can any list names of vitamins and what it does to the hair?

For example: vitamin A- then the definition on what it does for the hair.

biotin- definitely the best for hair, also nails, and skin. you have to take it daily but the good thing is you can't overdose on it, but be patient. it will make your hair shinier and grow longer. you will see an instant change in nails and your skin will look more "glowy"

biotin- after taking it for so long, it will help your hair get healthier and grow faster

How do you apply glue to your hair?

I have Got2B Glue for my hair, but I don't know how to make it stand from the sides. I try to fluff it up from the sides but it doesn't work, I always end up tangling it up, I just don't know how to do it. xP

Any help? Also, does glue damage your hair?

**** YOU **** YOU **** YOU



Whats the fastest and best way to get rid of black heads at home?

i get alot of blackheads on my nose and its anoyying :[ how can i get rid of them (not buying anything) like home ingredients to put on my nose that kills bacteria

Take a hot wet washcloth and put on your nose for about one minute. You may want to do it twice. Then using your fingertips, not your nails, squeeze the blackheads. Once you are done, wet the cloth with cold water and put it on your nose to close the pores.

well. ive tried like everything.

but, i don't think they'll ever go away.

my friends mom said that she tried everything as a kid, and theres not much you can do besides try different cleansers and scrubs that y ou'd have to buy.

with facial scrubs.. apply them after you take a hot shower (which opens up your pores), then after youre done wi th the scrub, splash cold water on your face (which closes your pores again)

good luck.

take a hot nice steamy shower to open the pores, pat ur face dry go to the mirror, dont use ur nails cuz it will leave scars but use ur fingertips and squeeze

What products make your hair silky?

Wow, there is a LOT! (like, I'm talking hundreds!) But some of the best are anything from Redken's line (there are expensive, but totes worth it) Garnier Fructis's line of Sleek & Shine helps so much! (Especially the anti-frizz serum!) Also some tips are not to leave your hair uncovered in the sun to long, eat lots of fruits&veggies, and drink a lot of water. Also, trim your hair every so often! Hope I helped!

Go to Ulta (beauty supply store) and get Sexy Silky Hair - it's on clearance. You really just need to get a really good conditioner/moisturizer.

Redkin Stain Wear

is what I use

only about $25 and it lasts a very long time

It also protects against heat :)

mane n tail

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Benzoyl peroxide question?

I went to a pharamist, after an appointment with the doctor who wouldn%26#039;t give me anything else but anti-biotic tablets to clear up my acne WHICH DON%26#039;T WORK grrr, I asked if they could sell without a prescription Benzoyl Peroxide. They gave me this Quinoderm Cream 50g. It says it contains Benzoyl Peroxide in it (10%) however i%26#039;m unsure whether its the actual type of cream to go for. Has anyone else used Quinoderm Cream 50g and found it affective?

I used to suffer really bad with acne. Antibiotics did work to a certain extent but the benzoyl peroxide really did the trick.

If the packet says it contains BP then yes I believe that it should be fine, seems quite a high concentration though :S

I would advice speaking to your doctor first to be certain, however if this is not possible read the leaflet inside the packet carefully before buying.

Hope this helps :)

That is odd that your doctor would only give you oral antibiotics, as it seems like most dermatologists try to avoid giving out oral antibiotics because you can develop a resistance to them... A great prescription topical medication is Benzaclin, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide and the antibiotic clindamycin. Btw, don%26#039;t know if the doctor explained this to you, but with most acne treatments you will actually see your acne get worse before it gets better. So, the meds might actually be working really well, but making your acne worse temporarily. You have to give it some time to see if it actually works.

Hm well at any pharmacy you should be able to buy b.p. without prescription. It%26#039;s over the counter so try going to another pharmacy. I used b.p. and it worked pretty well after a few months. :)

Good luck~

Peroxide didn%26#039;t work for me, but you should be able to buy a bottle at your local pharmacy.

I use Minocyclin and Skinoren cream (Azelaic Acid) for my acne.


St Ives Apricot Scrub - Who has tried it?

I read positve recommedations. I have sensitve acne prone fair skin. I have under control at the moment, howver there is always room for improvement and radiance. Anyone have negatives when they tried it, especially acne or itchiness?

I have sensitive skin, and their apricot scrub flared my acne up. However, St. Ives has a new line called St. Ives Elements. The Olive Scrub from this line is amazing because the exfoliating beads are tiny and thus gentler on the skin. It leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth, and it smells AWESOME! I found it at Target for a little over $6.

I love that stuff, I use the blemish control one once a week, it's really good. I have combination skin so sometimes my skin gets oily and couple of spots come up on my t zone but thats stopped since I've been using it. I would really reccomend it, but seeing as you have sensative skin I would reccoment you use the gentle on whih won't irritate you skin because the normal ones are quite scrubby- which is why I only use it weekly.

Take care :]

I've tried it, in fact I have it right now, but I like the apricot CLEANSER a lot better. It has a cooling sensation and seems to do a better job of keeping blemishes away, because the apricot SCRUB is for firmer skin. You should try the cleanser instead, it's light, refreshing, and find for sensitive/fair skin, like mine and yours. :)

I'm 17 and I've used the apricot scrub since I was 12. My sister introduced me to it and I've loved it!! It's the only scrub that isn't too abrasive and still cleases completely and gently. It's also a nice scent- not overpowering or anything. You would like it a lot I think because I have similar skin and this is great!

oh my god its amazing! it made my skin like glow. i have very very senstivie skin and most face scrubs would just make it worse, this is the only one ive tried that hasnt, and ive tried soooo many and its all natural too, which is better for your skin, at times ive had both like oily and dry at the same time in different spots, and this treated both problems. its amazing

I use it all the time and love it! It makes my skin feel silky smooth and refreshed. You can also try Queen Helene's Natural Apricot's about the same as St. Ive's, but it might work better for you. Who knows?

i have it and use it every night and i love it it will suit any one to normal to acne prone skin (which i have and it does not irritate) theres nothing bad bout it for me try it . i dunno its just really <b> nice!!

i have pretty sensitive skin, ive used it when i had acne with no problems

I want a rook piercing but im scared?

will it hurt really bad? Is it worst than tragus? Which looks cuter, ring or bar? feel free to give extra info and similar ear piercings

No one can tell you how bad it will hurt. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Mine was a quick pinch that kind of hurt but nothing too bad...but I've never really found piercings to hurt that much.

It kind of hurts, it depends on your tolerance of pain.

I had a ring for a while, and it was really cute. However, it got infected a year ago, so I decided to take it out and now the cartilage is deformed.

No, you wont hurt but you will feel a hot feeling on your ear.

Dont worry just do it .I think is more cool the bars than the classics!!

But is your choice!!!

it hurts

Opinions on Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant?

I bought a little trial sized tube of Dove Ultimate Clear in that cucumber and green tea scent, and boy does it smell and feel amazing. The only thing is, I still feel a little sweaty. I will have to put it to the test during one of my long shifts at work. Who else has tried it?

P.S. I know that one of the biggest complaints it gets is that it isn%26#039;t 100% clear like the package says, but that isn%26#039;t a huge worry for me. I just want good odor and wetness protection.

I%26#039;ve used it and I honestly feel like it doesn%26#039;t work that great. I find myself reapplying throughout the day. I prefer Degree.

I use this DO and really i love it!!! I worked 10 hour shifts in a warehouse and it covered me all the way. Try it you wont regret it!!

Deodorant causes cancer..

sure it smells good.. . but it causes cancer !

avoid it..

I use that same deodorant, I like it and I never had any problems.


Getting Rid Of A Sun Tan?


I walk to school everyday and its really hot and sunny

so i get tanned alot.i easily get tanned.

I used have really pretty light brownish skin when it was winter but now

i'm getting darker and darker everyday.

i cant stay out of the sun beacuse i have to walk to school and i cant take a bus or anything because my parents say we can save money if we walk to work and school instead of using the bus.

i love getting tans but not when it gets too dark and yeah

what do i do?!?

I wish I could get tan as easily as you. But I'm not sure if you're male or female. If you're female, try shaving your legs as often as possible if your legs are tanned. Also exfoliate as often as possible. You can use a loofah or washcloth with any kind of body wash. Some body washes come with little beads in them to help. Exfoliating takes the dead skin off and your tan skin is the top layer. If you're male, I have no idea what to tell you! Sorry!

use sun tan lotion.

First of all, you should try not to worry so much about your tan. A sun tan is a very natural occurrence if you have spent a lot of time in the sun, and it is also very natural for it to take a long time to go away. It is certainly not something to be scared of or ashamed of. As long as you did not get sun burnt, you are perfectly fine, and there is no need to worry or take any extreme measures to get rid of your tan.

In any case, there isn really anything that you can do to get rid of a sun tan. As time goes by, the tan will gradually fade and your skin will return to its normal color. Three months may seem like a long time, but it is not enough for a tan to go away completely. Unless you have continued to regularly expose your skin to the sun, it is quite certain that the tan has already faded considerably. However, it will take at least another three months for your skin to return to its natural color. You have not mentioned how you got your tan ?one common reason is a day or two spent at the beach. Whatever the case, if you want to get rid of your tan quickly, the best thing for you to do is to avoid going out into the sun, and when you do go out, cover yourself up. It is of course a good idea to use a sun screen lotion with a high SPF value whenever you are out in the sun, but a more effective way to protect your skin is to actually cover it ?wear a cap or a hat to shade your face, and wear clothes with long sleeves to cover as much of your arms as possible.

There are some home remedies that are supposed to help lighten the skin, but these are not particularly reliable. Still, if you want to try them, you can use a paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and milk, which you should apply to the tanned areas. Leave the paste on your skin for fifteen minutes, and then wash it off with plain water. You can also apply lemon juice to your skin, but if you do so, be sure not to go out into the sun for at least the next hour, our you will get still more tanned.

In all seriousness, does the carpet match the drapes? Not decorating tips ha?

I'm a blonde, and I'm gonna say no for me, but my curiousity has gotten the best of me, are blondes supposed to be blonde..down there? ha I've only known myself so it makes me wonder

Yeah I'm blonde and the carpet does not match!


I think that's more distinctly a trait in red heads .. but it depends on the person

well-my friend said her boyfriend's carpet matches the drapes-and he's blonde. my boyfriend also is the same-but he's Mexican so all his hair everywhere is dark colored. mine really don't-i'm a brunette and my carpet is much darker. aaand since me and my friend's brother were just talking about this today (weird haha) -he's a red head and his carpet almost matches-just a little blonder. soooo i'm gonna say it depends on the person? haha

i'm blonde, the carpet does not match the is distinctly darker. not as dark as the underarms though, oddly.

All the "down theres" I have seen were a bit darker than the hair up there lol.

No I'm not a slut, I've just seen things I shouldn't have XD

hmm, So this is what blondes think about on their down time.....

this is possibly the dumbest question ever.

IDK but your question make me laugh! Thanks! LOL!

I have my first job interview Monday, nose piercing?

I have an interview at taco bell on Monday, and I have a nose ring (an actual ring not stud). I'm going in tomorrow to get a stud. I would like peoples opinions on if I should take the jewelry out during then interview (which i am going to do, but i really don't want to because I don't like risking anything), or just leaving the stud in. Many people leave their jewelry in during work there, but i want to look as professional as possible. Thank you every one for your input.

I'd take it out. Jobs are scares in this economy, it'd be in your benefit to do everything you can to get one.

If you get the job, you can always wear your jewelry to work, but take it out for the interview.

Take it off. Jobs are so limited today that you do not want to risk anything. Some employers are very picky and you will be better off without the nose ring. Then, if you get hired... and people wear piercings on their nose or anywhere on their face then go ahead and wear it. But for the interview I recommend you do not.

Leave it in and don't ask about it unless they bring it up. If they say you can't have it pierced or whatever say ok that won't be a problem. If they don't say anything then it probably won't be a problem.

When going in for a job interview, you want to make the best impression you can. The jewerly can come later...after you get hired.

Nuff said?

I doubt it'll matter at Taco Bell. I know of someone who works there and has stretched earlobes as well as maybe one visible facial piercing.

it's TACO BELL! Don't worry about it!

Take it out! While at the interview, ask if they'd be alright with you wearing it on the job. This shows you are responsible.

I srsly wouldnt care you I had a nose ring in, i would on the other hand worry about lip piering(s)

its taco bell, why do you care? its not like it ca get much worse than that

Brazillian wax omg?

i want a Brazilian wax, and am curious to know if it's normal for a female to have hair growing around her anus. because i have and i'm pretty embarrassed about it, i just don't think it would be the best of ideas to shave down there!

Definitely normal. I actually didn't realize I had hair down there until the aesthetician took care of a spot down there during a Brazilian I was having!

yes i think its pretty normal... i think they actually do that part in the brazilian wax

Why do i have white bumps near my eyes?

they are not painful and are not pimples or anything, they are just liek litttle white bumps near my eyes

1) what are they?

2)how can i get rid of them?

i have one too. its on my eyelid and id love to know how to get rid of it!

well im not totaly sure what they are but i have them to. i went to a doctor to find out and it has something to do with makeup. if you wear makeup some of the ingrdients in it might have caused that to happen to you or any type of moisterizer you use might have caused it. but take a hot towel and apply to the bumps. they should go away in about a week. alot of people get them dont worry about it

White heads

At your nearest chemist ask for white head removal

sound like skin tags..

I've got one on my eyelid :@

I dunno how to get rid of them...grr

I have a slight (slight means small) Mustache! HELP!?

Okay I have a small mustache and even if it's small my friends can see it! So my mom might bleach it. I don't think my mom has time to buy it so is there anyway to make bleah?

Wax it.

SURGI wax at Sally's beauty supply is 7 dollars, microwaveable, no strips, and the wax lasts a really long time. One jar lasted me about a year and I wax a lot. It works great. But no you cant make bleach.

i would get some of that hair removing stuff they have at walmart and places for girls that have slight mustaches and forget bleaching it. my sister used it for a while and i'm sure that it would work better than trying to bleach it...

Get microwave wax, it's best to just remove it periodically

trim it, gently shave it, or wait for bleach

Im sure if its A SLIGHT mustache its not too noticeable

*Aarhh, no.

Get face nair.

wax it instead

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have heard if two;

Covergirl Lashblast luxe Mascara

and Covergirl eyelights Mascara, the eyelights one is supposed to make your eye colour pop.

These can both be found at drugstores.

Hope this helps?/div>

duh sparkling mascaras!

lashblast luxe

It's ProLuxe. (I think.)



I don't like the jeans with tons of holes, but a few is okay I guess..

I like dark jeans, and faded jeans.

Where would be the best place?

I really like Pac Sun's jeans but it still depends on your style.

If you are concerned about room for your "package" and not having it be tight, Hollister makes the best jeans for men. Those are the only ones my BF, brother, and guy friends (all of them) will wear, so that they don't look weird, and they have enough room for their junk.

I got to NOrdstrom. They got 7's, RnR, Joe's. It really depends on your body type. I like fitted more tailored jeans. Nice tailored jeans you can wear anywhere even somewhere nice. Baggy and skinny jeans are trashy anyways.

amarican egale has good jeans that where my bro buys his. also hollister jeans r good too just depends what you like look in the mall and look at amarican egle hollister or abacrombie ime shure youll find somthing.

Definetly Abercrombie. They're jeans are the hottest for guys. American eagle has some pretty sweet jeans too! Even Hollister would be another good place to check out.

ebay - you can get lucky brand jeans cheap there

The Gap

JC Penney

Buckle or American Eagle.

Akira Men Store :)

Thats if you have one.

I have very fine hair, what type of mousse can I use to give it volume and curl my hair better?

I have very fine hair, meaning it's really flat and I can barley do anything with it! Whats some mousse that I can buy at say Wal-mart or Target that is inexpensive and that works really well (and that's not sticky and doesn't smell bad)? Also, what's a really good curling iron that does nice curls?

Thanks for the help!

I prefer the "big sexy hair root volumizer" It lifts your roots. It does not help my curls alot, I use a diffuser on the hair dryer for that. I use a big barrel ceramic curling iron and wrap the hair around it (not locking into the handle thingy than rolling). this creates that "beach curl" that is popular now. Then I use some pomade so the frizz is controlled.

I have also found the herbal essences mousse to do well, although here in the South the humidity gets the better of me.

Well, Uhm it depends on how much your willing to spend.

I use Garnier Fructis but I don't know how that will work for your

hair. A little on the expensive side but Paul Mitchell hair products are

the best! I would try that and just save up an extra ten bucks or so :).

Dove curl and sculpt..i use it

Are Aviator Pilot Shades Attractive?

DO you think women find them attractive? I am thinking of buying a pair.

Depends on the person wearing them. I personally think if someone can pull them off they are very attractive.

on certain people they look good. really cool shades if they do fit your face

Hi! Easy 10 points! :D?

HI does anyone know where you can buy leg warmers in Auckland???

Thanks!!!! :D

You can get them basically anywhere target walmart kmart

leg warmers are everywhere

taget, hollister, abercrombie

most clothing stores


i really dont know but maybe any clothing store

this is a wacky idea, but maybe if you can knit, knit some!

Sorry :( no idea... by the way where is Auckland... sorry again

Ohhh I love legwarmers!! :)

lol i have never heard of there but umm idk try walmart if ya got 1

How long does it take for everyday minerals to deliver to Canada? I ordered my sample kit on March 10th.?

Did you pay any additional fees when you received yours?

I payed for the cheapest shipping, approx. $3.84 and I got mine in 2 weeks

Which store should I go to?

Abercrombie or Abercrombie and Fitch? I just turned 13 today and I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 82 pounds. Which would be better? What sizes?

YAY!! You're using the gift card that Angela gave u? Yay! Go to Abercrombie. It'll fit u better. I can't evn fit in A&F. Well, maybe a bit, b ut ur smaller than me.

p.s. i'm still pissed about the -5 points that u caused. :[ but anyways


I'm pretty sure that you can still fit in to Abercrombie.

it just depends on you prefrence. whatever you like better.

&i don't know about the sizes

abercrombie kids is basically the same exact thing, except its cheaper.

Ur pretty small i would say abercrombie

Where can u buy cheap bowling shoes in Los Angeles?

Just rent them at the bowling alley. It's only a dollar, no more than two each visit.

Hair question.............?

my hair is always straight. people ask me if i straighten my hair all the time. i don't, it's just naturally like that. my hair doesn't hold a curl well but i think if i use enough hairspray i can maybe make it work.

so, what size barrel should i get? 1 inch? 1 1/4? 3/4? i'm not really sure how this works; what would be best for my fine hair to have waves?

my hair will never curl ever! so maybe your hair is like this!! but if you would like i say 1 1/4 is good.

Do you have really long hair? I do and curls just fall right out. If you want it really curly I suggest the method of using rags... Google it, you wrap your hair around rags and sleep with them in and when you get up take them out. the curls will be so bouncy they will almost be ringlets, you can comb them a bit to tone them down but they will have staying power. (before curlers were invented this is how people curled their hair and their childrens hair)

if you have shorter hair 1 inch longer hair bigger barrals..

.. for waves bigger barrel.

hope i helped

Cheap Tanning Lotion for a pale person?

'm not super rich, and I want to put on a slight tan. (:

I AM VERY PALE. I'm pretty sure I CAN tan though, since I used to as a kid. So.

What is a good tanning lotion?


Where can I buy it?

Do I put in on my face?

Anything else I should know?

And how do I get it on my back? o.o

Additional Details

And what exactly does a tanning lotion do?

I guess I'm looking for the non sunless ones..I don't want a rub on tan, I guess one that is over time. And looks more natural, one that works WITH the sun, not sunless ones.

So, how do you put a tanning lotion on my hands/feet/and face?

go to a tanning salon and ask these sure they would be happy to help.

how do you get it on your back? well...have someone put it on your back for you? how else :)

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