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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have you ever used axe body wash on hair or face?

No, but I do sometimes use body wash on my face, ears, and neck. It's not good as using normal facial cleansers (in fact it's a bit bad as body wash is meant for your body and may be too rough on your face). Regardless, sometimes if I'm lazy, in a rush in the morning where I don't have time to wash and cleanse my face, or am feeling really dirty (my body wash is antibacterial), I just get it done in the shower with body wash, better than having a smelly, greasy face, :p

But don't use body wash for your hair, only use hair products such as shampoo. Your hair isn't the same as your skin and should be treated differently, ordinary soap or detergent can really mess your hair up!


Because I don't think it is suitable for your hair and especially not your face, it might sting your eyes!

Hope this helps!


How much does it cost to get an Emo hairstyle (girls)`?

i want to get an emo hairstyle but im not sure where to get one or how much it costs

The same as getting some other hair style. It really depends on the cut though and the styling that will need to be done

It just depends on where you get it cut. I used to have that hair, and I got it for under 50$ before. Just go to a salon (NOT Great Clips or whatever) and make an appointment, then show the stylist a picture of what you want. If you're getting it dyed, it will cost more than if you just get it cut. It might also be good to have the stylist explain to you how to style your hair in the way that you want.

All you need is to have your bangs cut. It shouldn't cost more than fifteen bucks.

The stylist you go to will know what you're talking about when you ask for it.

0 dollars--just stop washing your hair. Voila--crappy scene hair!

have a friend cut it, learn how to cut it yourself, thsoe are free,always dye your own hair.

everyone starts off with shitty hair though so it will improve

It costs as much as a normal hair cut - what ever salon you go to is the regular price I'm sure ...

it's just a style

I bleached my hair... Is it mushy?

Hi! I bleached my hair (3 times... I know, I know), and I'm a little freaked out by the things I've read about hair turning mushy and breaking. I bleached it about 3 days ago, and have really had no problems, besides it being a little dry (no breakage, no hair falling out). I took a shower, and I don't know if what I felt was "mushy" or not... hopefully I'm just freaking myself out. I went to Sally's and bought some ion "intensive therapy Protein Fortifier and Moisturizer" and used it today. Hopefully it helps?

Can anyone tell me what "mushy" feels like, and if you think I have it based on my description of my situation? I bleached it 3 days ago, and nothing has fallen out so far.

if you have had it for three days and nothing has fallen out then your ok i think.

mushy is that feeling, like if you have ever used that spray on stuff to get rid of hair on your legs, and after you rinse it off, the hair feels like.. gummy? or kinda like a rubber band.. haha im not sure how to explain it, but its just a gummy sort of feeling.

keep using that moisturizer and be sure not to re-dye your hair for like 6 weeks, only touch up the roots.


Overproccesed hair being mushy is kind of hard to explain...It's just mushy...But if your hair feels slimey, Then that means, You have overprocessed your hair. Hair dosen't fall out, It breaks off.

Whats the best leave-in-conditioner?

I love Garnier Fructis products! but wasnt sure if their leave in condtioner is good? Does anyone know if its good or does anyone know a better one?

I just used it yesterday and YES! It works pretty good.... At Walgreens they have a rebate buy $20 worth of GARNIER products and get $10 back by mail. It's easy to do online!

Good luck

Ok this depends on what you want your hair to do. Striaght? Wavy? Shine? Curls? De-Frizz? Volume? Moisture?

Striaght - FX Special Effects Flat Iron Spray (I know that it is a spray, but it works)

Wavy - Sunsilk Waves Of Envy

Shine - Aussie Sun Touched Shine

Curls - Herble Essences Totaly Twisted

De-Frizz - John Frieda Frizz Ease

Volume - TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave in Conditioner

Moisture - Loreal Paris Vive Pro Hydration

Hope i helped!

I use FastFoodCon and it works fabulous. I've also tried Redken's Anti-Snap. Both have left my hair smooth, healthy, and easy to manage.

How do i trim my bangS?

so ik this would be simple but the person who cut my hair gave me layers so like my bangs lead into the top layers of my hair... and i cant really differentiate between my bangs and my not bangs. and he layered the bangs too. so i just want to cut it like at an angle, but ive heard tht ur supposed to cut it dry and my bangs like have a wave and.. its complicated and my hands r shaky and stuff... so pls tell me how and tips and stuff. thnx


When i go to the shop

They cut them wet..All the time

not dry cuz its more likey to come out uneven when its dry

&&when i cut my own bangs

I just do an upside down u

Is dying your hair bad?

I really want to dye my hair a more blondish color. I am already a natural blond, but my hair is starting to turn more brown than blonde. My parents will let me, so I was wondering if it harmed you in any way. Does it?

well, it can damage your hair a little with the chemicals, but if you use the right shampoo and conditioner and take well care of your hair, you should be fine. if you don't want damage, the professional road is the way to go.

hair dye doesnt really harm you in any way. unless you have any allergies id check the box first. really the only problem with hair dye is if you dye it like every week it can damage your hair a lot. if you only plan on dying it once then letting it go until it grow some before you re-dye it you should be fine.

as long as you take care of it it'll be fine. If you really want to dye it then go ahead it won't kill you, I once knew this girl who wanted layers in her hair but never got them bc she was so afraid it would ruin her hair and i know a buch of ppl who have layered hair including me and it's not ruined, same with you, i bet you know a lot of ppl who have dyed their hair and it's not ruined.


well scientifically i have not heard that dying your hair damages it. however there have been many cases that people loose their hair because of too much dying. i think that one will not harm you.

no not really... i mean it isnt amazing for your hair, but it really doesnt do anything. now, if you are constantly dying your hair, then you will have some problems

It doesn't harm you but it makes your hair really dry.

it kills the roots faster and drys your hair out but if it look good go for it lol

yes, my friend died her hari 4 times and died because it went in her skull/brain,

its kinda bad for your scalp and makes your hair drier

nope i dye my hair red once every 2 months


Which is better pantene restorative hair lotion or herbal essences long term relationship split end protector?

and why? if youve only tried one did you like it?

I use Herbal Essences Long term Relationship. I like it and it makes my hair feel more alive than others :D like more flowy

I tried the herbal essences, and though I didn't really like the smell, it does work very well. I'd definitely recommend it. It absorbs well too so you don't look like you have greasy hair.

Pantene all the way, all those oils and minerals are not for nothing. It always leaves my hair soft and shiny with a great smell, I always feel that Herbal essences dries it out for some reason.

Can anyone list some vitamins and what it does for hair? (10points)?

Can any list names of vitamins and what it does to the hair?

For example: vitamin A- then the definition on what it does for the hair.

biotin- definitely the best for hair, also nails, and skin. you have to take it daily but the good thing is you can't overdose on it, but be patient. it will make your hair shinier and grow longer. you will see an instant change in nails and your skin will look more "glowy"

biotin- after taking it for so long, it will help your hair get healthier and grow faster

How do you apply glue to your hair?

I have Got2B Glue for my hair, but I don't know how to make it stand from the sides. I try to fluff it up from the sides but it doesn't work, I always end up tangling it up, I just don't know how to do it. xP

Any help? Also, does glue damage your hair?

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Whats the fastest and best way to get rid of black heads at home?

i get alot of blackheads on my nose and its anoyying :[ how can i get rid of them (not buying anything) like home ingredients to put on my nose that kills bacteria

Take a hot wet washcloth and put on your nose for about one minute. You may want to do it twice. Then using your fingertips, not your nails, squeeze the blackheads. Once you are done, wet the cloth with cold water and put it on your nose to close the pores.

well. ive tried like everything.

but, i don't think they'll ever go away.

my friends mom said that she tried everything as a kid, and theres not much you can do besides try different cleansers and scrubs that y ou'd have to buy.

with facial scrubs.. apply them after you take a hot shower (which opens up your pores), then after youre done wi th the scrub, splash cold water on your face (which closes your pores again)

good luck.

take a hot nice steamy shower to open the pores, pat ur face dry go to the mirror, dont use ur nails cuz it will leave scars but use ur fingertips and squeeze

What products make your hair silky?

Wow, there is a LOT! (like, I'm talking hundreds!) But some of the best are anything from Redken's line (there are expensive, but totes worth it) Garnier Fructis's line of Sleek & Shine helps so much! (Especially the anti-frizz serum!) Also some tips are not to leave your hair uncovered in the sun to long, eat lots of fruits&veggies, and drink a lot of water. Also, trim your hair every so often! Hope I helped!

Go to Ulta (beauty supply store) and get Sexy Silky Hair - it's on clearance. You really just need to get a really good conditioner/moisturizer.

Redkin Stain Wear

is what I use

only about $25 and it lasts a very long time

It also protects against heat :)

mane n tail

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