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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is it worth it to dye your hair?

I was never really interested in dying my hair, but I have always been curious what I would look like with another color. My hair is dirty blonde and I don

Do you think that I am ugly or pretty?

Im 12 years old with brown-ish black hair. I have brown eyes and really tan. I

My hair......Read Detail!?

Okay so i straighten my hair sometimes and its naturally curly but now two like

Does mascara hurt you eyelashes?

Do u mean harm as in damage them? Yes, mascara can

LOOKBOOK Invite?! Please!?

I really would like to be on Lookbook, but I am from small town America. No clue how to find anyone on LookBook so I thought I would ask here. Please and Thank you.

Ok I will send you my first invitation code!
just post a comment on her page, she likes inviting peope! :)
i dont have one but heard it is cool, have funn

How did you like Tresseme?

What was your expirience with Tresseme shampoo

How do i tell what bra size my 12 year old sister is?

my little sister needs help finding a bra she is 12

years old so any suggestions?

please no rude comments..

btw: she is in between the third and fourth stage..

This link will probably be very helpful. You can

How are the current cardigans supposed to be worn?

I bought two cardigans yesterday. I am not sure how they are supposed to be worn. I am a plus size very big busted woman. They look like they could almost be tied in the middle because the ends hang way down.So, do I tie at the middle or let them hang down?
it is usually ment to be kept open if it is a waterfall cardign :)
I definitely would not tie them in the middle.

Just let it hang down! :)

Getting your nose pierced?

I really want to get my nose pierced. My best friend Erika has it and she said it didn

Ink leaking from my new tattoo

So, I got my first tattoo last night, it got finished at around 9pm. But the store front closed at 7pm. The tattoo artist recommended I get h2ocean, but by the time my tattoo was finished, the store had closed

Ladies how manly does this guy look on a scale of 1-10?

ALSO what ethnicity do you think he is?
Omar its you, lol I see that on your display picture, pics are blurry so you get a 3, and just by lookin

I pierced my lip with a regular sewing needle and I have an earring stud in right now.?

No lectures please. I

Can anyone plz help with my hair?

Ok so my hair is medium length (i consider it that because its passed my shoulders like more than an inch) and i need some instructions on how to do a bun.. no videos, instructions. You see i ALWAYS put my hair in a messy bun but since it is layered i have to bobby pin a lot of hair down. But i would plz like some tips or something so this doesnt happen? Thankss
Ok so I can totally help you since i have the same hair cut!

1. Get your hair in a ponytail position

2. Put your hair in a ponytail

3. Start to wrap your hair in the position of a bun

4. The take another ponytail and tie that!

This may sound confusing but I hope it works for you like it has to me!
To properly answer a picture of your hair would be needed
put it up in a pony tail and then hold it by using a really thick scrunchy (sp?).

Where shud i go shopping?!?!?!?!?! :D?

where shud i go to buy clothes? i have 150$ 2 spend on ashopping spree for a new wardrobe...I am 11 yo and i wud like some stores in the woodbridge area or perferably in potomac mills justce hollister A

How do I be prettier than my younger sister?


Would This Girl...? Thoughts?

and this guy, make a good couple looks-wise? :)
Yes, they would make the perfect couple:)
haha um.. no.

How to get clear skin in 3 weeks?

My skin is in between. It

What are some essentials that every girl should have?

What should have in their purse? What are some clothing items they should own? Things like that. Thanks!
in my pursee

-perfume/body mist



-lip gloss


-i have room spray haha



what i need to live haha



-my tee shirts

-tanks tops

-a couple of skirts

-a sundress


-skinny jeans



-nail polish

-forever 21 necklaces and accessoires

-cute braided leather belt


-a pursee like a tote bag or somethingg

-flip flops


-bath and body works stuff


-PINK bras

Rate me please, young for my age?

I think I look young for my age so please tell me honestly what you think. I

What pants would go with a yellow peasant blouse?

The blouse has a small bit of brown and orange embroidery around the neckline, but it

Will someone edit this picture of me?

I loooove to edit peoples

Which would you prefer: Blonde or black hair?

In someone of the opposite sex (:
I love love love dark hair ;3
thats hard.. probably blonde hair, since mine is dark.

GUYS: Do you prefer blonde or dark hair on a girl?

It really does not matter to me, I would take any hair type if the girl is hot and nice!
dark hair is better to me but it depends on the type of guy.
for me hair doesn

I need a college wardrobe?

So i was wondering if anybody knew of any stores that carry plus size clothes, that are cute

Does straightener make my hair straight like Bill Kaulitz?

I wanted to ask guys can you name me a straightener that makes my hair as straight as Bill kaulitzs
Try a pair of GHD

How do I get rid of the razor burns on my legs!?

They are bright red

Does Avon Skin So Soft Lotion work as an insect repellent?

Does the lotion work or do I need to get the skin so soft bug spray. I really don

Is there anything I can do to improve my looks? Picture included?

...the picture is a bit


Okay I have been reading several answers on here..and people are saying that it

Anyone knows a good online site with winter coat collections already?

want to buy some for my stores for comming holidays and winter, cold time.
Assuming your lookin for womems fashion?

try this site out

its my super favorite spot for women

Where can i find skinny jeans for $10 online my dad is picky and wont let me get jeans over $12 please please?

i need them to be shipped to me and i live in canada so hopefully a place that will ship here thanx everyone
eBay of Canada you also might find one with FREE shipping to...
you options are VERY limited....due to price.
ebay that has free shipping XD
go to platos closet. if you go to the website you can find the nearest one to you go to their clearance area and click on jeans. they MIGHT have some for $10 or $14 dollors at the most.

Help on growing hair?

ok im trying to grow out my hair, its about shoulder lenght right now. is there any secrets on what to do to make hair grow? i straighten my hair every now and then because my hair is really curly, but i just really want to grow it out fast any help?
Hey(: I actually have the same problem, I used to straighten my hair every day though.

Hmm, well there are a couple things you can do.

First is to cut off any split ends you have, so that growing won

What is the best stores to shop at?

what is the best stores to shop at in san antonio and have real good cheap prices, since im going to high school next year i need fresh clothes amd cheap since imma mom
Maybe Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Crossroads Trading Co. (it

Any Cute HairStyle Tips for16 Years Old?

Here is a website where you will find all types of Hairstyle tips and other type of tips which i think may help you.

So have a look:-

Well, you can look on YouTube for some hair tutorials, some users I really like are:

A lot of them do makeup, too.

Other than that, you could try curling it, straightening it, crimping it, etc. Just be creative (:

Good luck! (:

Does Powder Foundation Clog Pores?

Is powder foundation any better for skin than liquid foundation, and why?

By the way, I am not using mineral makeup, it

Why Is It Bad To Wash Your Face With Bar Soap?

I know a lot of people are opposed to the idea of using regular bar soap on your face, especially for acne-prone skin. But I would like to know why. Haven


I can

Which company

OPI and China Glaze are good.

Sally Hanson is pretty good too.

I also like Sinful Colors (found at walgreens)
nails inc or chanel
Chanel or OPI

What kind of clothes is best for a job interview?

Something not too flirty.Feminine and professional looking clothes.
professional looking clothes
if its female going for interview , i think it will be best in pencil skirts , blouse , stockings

Stores to find cute cheap clothes?

im going to be a sophmore and i am a mom so i am on a real budget but i need to get alot of clothes and shoes too since everything i used to have dont fit. help on stores?? is a good online store which might be better for you thought

free shipping
I recently purchased a bunch of cheap/cute clothes at Charlotte Russe! I love that store. You could also go to JC Penney

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to grow taller....10 points!?

So I am 5

How can i fade dark spots on my face?

I have been using Palmer

Why the stigma on people wearing makeup?

It seems that there is a general view on people who wear makeup are not confidant of their own appearances, or are highly vain? Can people not wear makeup just because they like it, and for that reason alone? Why must people who wear makeup be said to

Which brand is better Gucci or Louis vuitton? quality wise?

I have purchased the lv damier graphite belt and the wallet also the evidence shades but i have also purchased the black on black double g gucci belt after a few wear my Gucci belt looked horrible was all bent up and looked like i had a 5 dollar belt on but my lv just had the signs of a lightly worn belt and i wear it everyday so my question is this are all Gucci products like that or is it just the leather i ask this because they have this hat i want and another belt that i like and a book bag for school but i don

Does this photo make me look fat?

Yes, I

Can i make my ear gauge go from a 4 to a 0 without any problems?

has anyone ever went from a 4 to 0 gauge?

i have the tappers...and there really hard to push through! i have never skipped sizes and i found it was easier to use soap and water to push tappers through. should i used lub?? and i have heard its dangerous but the people who hurt them sleves pushed it in fast. will i get a blow out for sure
mm well ive never tried it before but a couple of my friends do it and say its possible, yeah your gunna want to go pretty slow and not force it, just push it little by little and they were saying if you leave it in your ear and try progressing about every hour or so it should work. hope i was clear and somewhat helpful, if you do it right it shouldnt mess up your ear
Use triple antibiotic ointment, like neosporin. and a lot of it. It keeps the lobes very soft, pliable, and clean. I

What do you think of me,? (pictures..?)?

im not fishing for compliments; im justt curious.

What Kind of piercing should i get?

1) i don

Has shoe pricing risen faster than other necessary clothing?

Looking for pumps, the well-made ones start at $60 or $80 and take off from there. On low income, it

Do you think double piercings look trashy?

So a while ago I asked my mom if I could get a double piercing and she said yes. And then my friends that it was cool too. So they asked their moms. Their moms said no. They said it looked trashy/like you don

Affordable face wash for blemishes?

Preferably drugstore. Main problems are blackheads, whiteheads and oily t-zone. Teenage skin. Thanks.
st. ives apricot scrub its the best and it makes your face soft or nutrogena grapefruit wash
well i used the vichy and its like 17 dollar at the local drugstore i know that one works really well......if ur like 18 and over .... if you go to the body shop they have the corn mask whihc is really good but that one is like 15 dollars i would try the vichy
I have been using this for 2 years and havent had a problem. I have very very very sensitive skin so it was hard trying out all this products like clean and clear and proactive well i gave up and just tried this really cheap face scrub. I havent had a blemish yet. Its the equate Medicated Apricot Scrub. :D try it also try acne pads i wipe my face with them every night.
I suggest the Tea Tree products from The Body Shop. They have about 6 different products for clearing skin, and it

Bermuda shorts with high tops?

does it look stupid?? or nice :)
So cute. Not stupid. I looked at this question before even clicking on it and said cute. Love it. Its different.
It depends on the shorts and shoes...but if you think you can pull it off then go for it!
i were it but im risky
i dont like it but im not a big fan of high tops
The two of them together tend to make people look shorter and rather....chunky.
If your tall go for it if your shorter I would be careful it could make your legs look stumpy

Okay, I still suck my thumb ?

Okay I am 13 ! And Its a really bad habbit ! My teeth are starting to hurt too . How can I quit cold turkey !

Does anyone else had this horrid habbit
Oh thats not good.

You can try putting something on your thumb that will make it taste bad. eventually, you will probably associate the taste with sucking your thumb and the behavior should stop. however, YOU need to want to stop or else you won

How to make hair grow faster ?

i wanted to knoo how to make hair grow faster smoother and silker . should i rap my hair (because im blk but supper plae :]) . should i eat certain veggies should i use certian conditioners . shampoos . plsz help ! :[ . im up for anything
okay so i seen your question; its funny cause me

What do you think of these clothes?


Do you think this skirt goes well with the shirt?

sorry, I never wear skirts and this one seems a little...out there, I guess? anyway, just wanted opinions. I can never tell what looks good or bad.

I cant really tell because of the lighting, but its not the best combination in the world, but not the worst, if that make sense. I think just a plain white skit would look cuter with the shirt to be honest, but you wouldnt stand out if you wore those together. By the way I love the lights in your room- they are really cute!! (:
Not really.
They look really good together.
I don

Do you wear fake eyelashes to school?

do you wear fake eyelashes to school? I was wondering if i should wear fake eyelashes to school or if i should curl them cuz my eyelashes are barely noticeable even with mascara? Should I wear them with my regular makeup? will they look to fake?

What are some good school pants?

So when school starts I need more uniform pants. (we have to wear a uniform :/) So what stores have solid color pants?? it can be any solid color. but I prefer khaki or navy blu pants. I used to wear abercrombie pants.
Try hollister, areopostale , Or the uniform store ( i know they suck ) but just look around y

How to make my shoulders look less.. broad?

To all you short, smaller framed girls.. let me tell you how LUCKY you are!! You don

Which dress do you like the best! Please help!?

Which dress do you like the best. Number in order from your favorite to least favorite






DEFINITELY #4-- the black and white one. It

Where can I get cute, cheap, clothes?

My style is sorta tomboyish but kinda girly, love black and bright neon colors, ripped jeans, graphic tees.
Well it kind of depends where you live (not trying to be stalkerish) but here are some stores that i get a lot of my clothes at! There is this one store in malls that i go to called Deb. This is where you can get a lot of neon colors, black tees and so on. I think they have ripped jeans too. Also try Gap and Old Navy they have a lot of cute clothes there!!! If you like to shop cheep go to Ross or Marshalls. This is where I get a lot of my chut tees and girly cute clothes at and most of them are verry cheep and they also have name brands that are cheep!!!! I think you can find graphic tees at Hot Topic and other stores like that! Wal-mart Target and Deb have ripped jeans that are really cute!!

Alot of these stores that i mentioned have tomboyish and kinda girly clothes!!! yay! I hope i helped out! Best answer?? haha! (: happy shopping!
your local thrift store, if you have a bit of style
Go to a second hand clothing store.
I shop nowhere but Goodwill unless I

Can i put balloons and candles together ?

im doing a sweet 16

Organix haircare products?

I am looking for a good product for my damaged hair, but i cant pay alot for it. so i picked up some organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. i only used it once. my hari seem really rough while wet but once i blow dryed it my hair is weightless and smooth.. but will it last, if i use it daily will my hair stay this nice?

what are your experiences with organix products?
When I used the coconut shampoo/conditioner, my hair was still really rough after the conditioner when wet, but after it dried, it was pretty soft, and smelled really good. I really do like these products, and would still use them if they weren

How come women don


How do I get rid of dark circles?

Ok I know it

What men razor is the best?

im trying to find a good razor for my bf b day one that one leave him red bumps
You should research a wet shave. I use a safety razor which takes time getting used to but its worth it. Don

What is good make up for Brown Eyes with Yellow in the center of them?

That might be the colors of my new contacts haha


How do i stop biteing my nails?

I know about the worms and the bitter nail stuff DOESN

Trying to get new makeup for school?

My makeup/foundation is getting pretty old and it doesn

Where Can I Buy This? Easy 10 Points?

Where can i buy a lacy cami to put under other shirts? i know forever 21 has basic ones but i would like it to have some lace on the top and bottom :) thanks!
WET SEAL! i was there today. they got lotaaaa colors too :D oh and maybe image? (:goood luckk!
try welseal or agaci... bebe and arden b have good ones too
There are alot at aeropostal! love that place (:
they have them at hollister and wet seal. you might want to check out ambercombie too... hope it helps! good luck :S
It depends. All stores basically have a few. I got most the ones I have at aeropostale, they have a lot and other stores like kohls and JCP. Its probably best to look online at all different stores so you can pick and choose without having to look around 20 different stores. Good choice the lacy ones are def better :)
i just got one.. you can get one from maybe old navy, max rave, or if u want cheap u can always go to the goodwill. :)
I have one that I got like 2 years ago that is exactly what you

How can I stop my hair from breaking?

I have african american hair that will not stop breaking on the top of my head. I stop using chemical relaxers almost a year ago bc of my hair breaking and now it is breaking off even worse. I recently stop wearing my hair in a pony tail and cut out heat styling. Is there any products I can buy at the hair store to stop the breakage?
I don

Why are girls expected to wear make up?


Can you buy this lipgloss at Justice?

Okay I know I

Pigtails in high school? Hot or not?

I don

Should i wear foundation???????????????10 pts Best Answer!!!!?

Hi well i have pretty clear skin but i want to start wearing foundation only when i go out like movies or parties you know and well i have a light makeup called Revlon colorstay active light makeup do you think i should or no and is that a bad makeup??

and if you need a question to be answered go ahead and post the link!!

thnnxxxx soo muchh

If you have clear skin and no discoloration, you shouldn

Back to school wardrobe?

Ok Im qoinq into 7th qrade, the weather here durinq back to school time will probably be raininq so a few sweaters :P. I basically like to wear some hollister but no walkinq billboard crap and basically anythinq colorful(: so any suqqestions about basic stuff to buy?
Okay here are some great online stores:

~ Forever 21-

~ Bluefly (if you like designer)-

~ Wet Seal-

~ Lulu*s-

Another great store is H

What is the best product for getting rid of pimples and having nice skin?

So I usually have pretty good skin, only sometimes I

Planet tattoo, how can i make this one my own design?

i really like this sleeve, it is one of the best sleeves iv ever seen, but i dont wanna copy it,
this is a really amazing design!

i have 3 tattoos and they were all almost exact replicas of others i saw. i know it

Help with back to school shopping and hair...?

Okay so I

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