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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Can I Buy This? Easy 10 Points?

Where can i buy a lacy cami to put under other shirts? i know forever 21 has basic ones but i would like it to have some lace on the top and bottom :) thanks!
WET SEAL! i was there today. they got lotaaaa colors too :D oh and maybe image? (:goood luckk!
try welseal or agaci... bebe and arden b have good ones too
There are alot at aeropostal! love that place (:
they have them at hollister and wet seal. you might want to check out ambercombie too... hope it helps! good luck :S
It depends. All stores basically have a few. I got most the ones I have at aeropostale, they have a lot and other stores like kohls and JCP. Its probably best to look online at all different stores so you can pick and choose without having to look around 20 different stores. Good choice the lacy ones are def better :)
i just got one.. you can get one from maybe old navy, max rave, or if u want cheap u can always go to the goodwill. :)
I have one that I got like 2 years ago that is exactly what you

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